by Alan Piper
Vision in everyday waking consciousness and the psychedelic state
A review of Mike Jay's new book

February 2023

This article by AM Houot explores the potential of employing technologies to guide and shape psychedelic experiences
Patrick Doerksen: This is the story of my first seven experiences with psilocybin-containing mushrooms and what happened when, during a group trip, a…

January 2023

The Welsh Psilocybin Festivals 1976-82
In part 2 of his exploration of Ernst Junger's drug writings and adventures, Henrik Dahl describes the German author's relationship with hallucinogens
Why the word psychedelic evades simple definitions
An interview with philosopher Christopher Bache, author of LSD and the Mind of the Universe
Nadav Neuman explores the not-so-hidden nationalism of sixties psychedelia in Britain America
By Simon Odense

December 2022

The life, trips and poetry of Harry Fainlight